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Make sure you don’t miss the first preview of the on-demand oracle in this article and the introduction and invitation to the exclusive MOD Squad.

We have reached a few more milestones in the development and marketing since the last update. Here is a summary.

Marketing updates / Community involvement

Introducing the MOD Squad! $1000 up for grabs. Exclusive sneak peaks and unprecedented access.

Join our exclusive membership, more details here.

Staking Updates

Modefi will be switching from a 30 day to a 90 day locked staking period for the next staking rounds on Fantom and Matic.

Prediction Markets Development

User generated prediction markets are coming to Modefi!


Hello Earthlings!

My name is Mod-erator, ruler of Modefia (Well, soon to be ruler…again). The planet has been taken over by some horrible creatures, called the Fudders. These Fudders have no place on my planet, and I need your help!

I have been traveling through the galaxy for years, searching for the perfect allies to help retake what is rightfully mine! Or should I say, ours! Modefia!

As I was flying past your odd planet, my spaceship detected a significant amount of passion, loyalty, bravery, and willpower. These traits are exactly what I need to help me complete my quest.

Development Progress

In this update we made some terrific progress with the On-Demand Oracle as well as the revamp of our staking and aggregator dashboard.

We have nearly finished all 19 modals for the On-Demand Oracle Beta release.

The staking & rewards dashboard has made significant progress and is near completion. Responsiveness is now well underway and with some minor tweaks it will soon be ready for launch. We feel the revamp will be easier to understand and has a much better design flow.

The Oracle Aggregator has gone through a multi-phase design update. …

As suggested by a few of our loyal community members we have decided to step up our transparency with bi-weekly updates of what’s going on behind the scenes!

We expect a majority of these bi-weekly updates will be short and sweet, straight to the point. We will be covering development progress, potential upcoming news and anything else we feel is important to keep everyone up to speed.

Development Progress

For our first bi-weekly update we are going to mainly be discussing development progress.

During the last couple of months, we’ve made great progress on both our On-Demand Oracle solution and V2 of…

Moving your $MOD tokens from the Ethereum Mainnet to Polygon(POS) is simple and fast. If you have any issues or concerns please join the Modefi telegram group for assistance.

If you have already bridged your tokens visit our How to Stake on Polygon Guide

Step 1: Visit

We are excited to announce the next step in our multi-chain staking of $MOD. The third round of Multi-chain staking will be on the Polygon Network.

The staking contracts will officially open for deposits on July 22nd at 9 PM UTC. The Polygon staking dashboard is available at

Important: Staked tokens will be locked for the 30 day duration.

The Modefi dao have chosen Polygon to host our next round of staking.

The first staking period will run for 30 days, rewards over these 30 days will be as follows:

  • 12,000 $MOD for $MOD Staking
  • 30,000 $MOD for MOD/USDC-LP Staking

Your rewards will be proportionate to your staked amount. Start…

Hello everyone, we are excited to officially launch our V1 of the DAO Governance. This will enable the holders of the $MOD token (starting on the Ethereum network, including those who are staking on Trustswap) to participate in Governance voting!

Standing by our promise of introducing a Governance protocol, this will be the beginning stages of creating a truly decentralized project. We feel it’s important for all the $MOD token holders to have a say in what direction the project moves, and be part of the major decision-making moving forward.

What is Blockchain Governance?

DAOs (Decentralized autonomous organizations) are internet-native organizations that are run…

As we begin to near the end of Q2 we would like to give our community an update and transparency on the development progress. We have decided the best way to do this is to update our roadmap as per below and on our website.

Some key points from the change that you may have questions about are the On-Demand and Aggregator public release. After reading the details below if you have any additional questions, please forward them to the Modefi telegram.

The On-Demand Oracle

While developing the On-Demand Oracle we realized that it has the potential to be so…

The next round of staking on the Fantom network will kick off at 9PM UTC on June 4th. After which staking will be open for deposits.

Staking Dashboard —

We will be migrating liquidity from Anyswap to Sushiswap before staking commences. We encourage anyone providing liquidity on Anyswap to take the time to migrate their liquidity over to Sushiswap on the Fantom network.

Moving liquidity to SushiSwap will allow the use of other tokens to be swapped directly to and from $MOD with minimal slippage. Previously on Anyswap, there was only enough liquidity to swap $FTM<>$MOD.

We have put…

Round 1 of Staking on Binance Smart Chain has officially concluded. Which means Round 2 is just around the corner.

We will announce the launch of Round 2 staking on BSC this week. We would like to give everyone an equal opportunity to get staked early, as the APY is much higher during the early stages of staking.

Important note for users staking PancakeSwap Liquidity tokens on the Modefi staking dashboard!

The $MOD liquidity on PancakeSwap is being migrated to V2, most users who have provided liquidity already will be part of the V1 PancakeSwap pool.

Please take the time to withdraw your stake from the Modefi Staking Dashboard and follow the below…


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