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As we begin to near the end of Q2 we would like to give our community an update and transparency on the development progress. We have decided the best way to do this is to update our roadmap as per below and on our website.

Some key points from the change that you may have questions about are the On-Demand and Aggregator public release. After reading the details below if you have any additional questions, please forward them to the Modefi telegram.

The On-Demand Oracle

While developing the On-Demand Oracle we realized that it has the potential to be so…

The next round of staking on the Fantom network will kick off at 9PM UTC on June 4th. After which staking will be open for deposits.

Staking Dashboard —

We will be migrating liquidity from Anyswap to Sushiswap before staking commences. We encourage anyone providing liquidity on Anyswap to take the time to migrate their liquidity over to Sushiswap on the Fantom network.

Moving liquidity to SushiSwap will allow the use of other tokens to be swapped directly to and from $MOD with minimal slippage. Previously on Anyswap, there was only enough liquidity to swap $FTM<>$MOD.

We have put…

Round 1 of Staking on Binance Smart Chain has officially concluded. Which means Round 2 is just around the corner.

We will announce the launch of Round 2 staking on BSC this week. We would like to give everyone an equal opportunity to get staked early, as the APY is much higher during the early stages of staking.

Important note for users staking PancakeSwap Liquidity tokens on the Modefi staking dashboard!

The $MOD liquidity on PancakeSwap is being migrated to V2, most users who have provided liquidity already will be part of the V1 PancakeSwap pool.

Please take the time to withdraw your stake from the Modefi Staking Dashboard and follow the below…

We are excited to announce $MOD staking has officially launched on the Ethereum Mainnet, courtesy of Trustswap! Over 1.8M $MOD have already been deposited in the last 24 hours.

Trustswap is offering 2 $MOD rewards pools with 220k $MOD in rewards. These pools will last for a total of 90 days.

$MOD / $MOD, which allows users to deposit $MOD to earn $MOD rewards

$SWAP / $MOD, which allows users to deposit $SWAP to earn $MOD rewards

To start staking visit the Trustswap Launchpad Staking Pools site at

The time has come again for some important updates we wanted to share with our community. The last couple months have been quite the roller coaster in the market, despite the ups and downs Modefi is still moving forward at a fast pace. Once again we want to thank our community for their support through everything. ❤❤

Recent updates

  • Our subreddit is officially live, we welcome everyone to join us there for discussions and updates
  • The first release of our Oracle Aggregator went live on April 9th
  • First round of staking on Fantom is almost complete (new pools…

We are excited to announce the next step in our multi-chain staking of $MOD. The second round of Multi-chain staking (Yes! There will be staking for $MOD on other networks in the near future) will be on the Binance Smart Chain Network.

The staking contracts will officially open for deposits on April 16th at 2AM UTC. The BSC staking dashboard is available at

Our first staking round on Fantom has so far taken almost 1.4M MOD tokens out of circulation with a total value locked of over $6M.

The time has finally come for us to share our first beta product launch, the highly anticipated Decentralized Aggregated Oracle.

Thank you so much for your patience. The on boarding of the front end data took much more time than expected. We have decided to release the beta while it is being updated instead of waiting longer. You may notice some data is missing on the GUI, it will be updated as time progresses.

You can see our Aggregator live in action now

The team at Modefi has been hard at work to bring the first Oracle aggregation…

Today the Modefi team is excited to announce our latest strategic partnership with Curate.

With the launch of Curates NFT Marketplace in the coming months, Modefi is looking to help add support via Oracle services for NFT’s. This will allow for NFT data and pricing to be securely updated in real time. Modefi and Curate will be pooling their extensive networks and resources to assure that both become top tier companies in the blockchain space.

Curate is a marketplace app that uses blockchain technology as a payment infrastructure and means of rewarding users for their contribution to the system. The…

$MOD is now live on the BSC network / Pancake Swap!

We are extremely excited to announce that the Modefi token ($MOD) has been added to Binance Smart Chain via the Multichain Bridge and initial liquidity has been added to Pancake Swap!

The BSC token address for $MOD is 0xd4fbc57b6233f268e7fba3b66e62719d74deecbc

Next staking round for the $MOD token will be on the BSC network!

See the below article for how to bridge your $MOD from Ethereum to Binance Smart Chain.

Important Contract Addresses

Binance Smart Chain $MOD contract address


Fantom network $MOD contract address


Ethereum network $MOD contract address


Modefi: An Oracle Solutions Platform

Modefi’s mission is to bring…

Moving your $MOD tokens from the Ethereum Mainnet to Binance Smart Chain is simple and fast. If you have any issues or concerns please join the Modefi telegram group for assistance.

Step 1: Visit


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