Bridging $MOD from Ethereum to Polygon($MATIC)

Moving your $MOD tokens from the Ethereum Mainnet to Polygon(POS) is simple and fast. If you have any issues or concerns please join the Modefi telegram group for assistance.

If you have already bridged your tokens visit our How to Stake on Polygon Guide

Step 1: Visit

Step 2: Connect using the wallet you prefer

Click Sign

Step 3: Select “Move funds from Ethereum to Polygon”

Step 4: Select “Ether” and change it to MOD(Modefi)

In the search box type MOD and select “Modefi

Step 5: Transfering $MOD token to the Polygon($MATIC) Network

Enter the total amount of $MOD tokens you would like to send to the Polygon POS Network.

*Note there are no fees to use the bridge during the ETH -> Polygon bridging process aside from the usual ERC20 transfer fees.

You’re almost there!

Select the “Transfer” button and a window should appear. Select “Continue”

A window will pop up with an estimate on the gas fees for your transfer to the Polygon Network. Select “Continue”

Select “Continue” to begin the transfer.

A Metamask(or your selected wallet) will pop requesting you to allow the polygon bridge to spend your $MOD tokens. Select “Continue”.

You will now see on the Polygon bridge that the transfer is in progress. There will be one more step in the transfer after this transaction is completed.

Click “Continue”.

Once clicked Metamask(or your preferred wallet) will popup asking to confirm the transfer. The default gas should be fine but you can speed this up by raising your gas price if you would like.

Once complete you will see “Transfer en route”. In7–8 minutes the tokens will be in your Matic wallet.

Step 6: Visit to add the Matic(Polygon) to Metamask

Connect your wallet to the Chainlist dapp (top right corner)

Once connected search Polygon and select Add to Metamask

Your Metamask will prompt to Allow this site to add a network?. Select Approve, then Switch Network.

You are now successfully connected to the Polygon Network and you should see “Matic Mainnet” in your networks drop down within Metamask.

In order to pay for transaction on the Polygon network you will require $MATIC. Kucoin has the option to send MATIC tokens directly to the Polygon chain. We will be personally sending out some $MATIC to each user who requests it for initial transfers. Visit our telegram and message an admin to get some tokens.

You’re now ready to stake! Click here to go to our How to Stake on Polygon Guide

Polygon($MATIC) Network $MOD contract address

Binance Smart Chain Network $MOD contract address

Fantom Network $MOD contract address

Ethereum Network $MOD contract address

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