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Dear $MOD Hodlers,

About Anyswap

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How To Trade On Anyswap?

Select the Fantom Mainnet at the top right

Connect your wallet to Anyswap

Change your MetaMask network to Opera(Which you added above)

Select the pairs $FTM and $MOD

Enter the amount you wish to purchase and click swap(You may have to agree to terms of use)

Change the gas price to 1 gwei(It will default to 22)

Click Confirm and you are done.

Costs of trading $MOD on the Fantom Network

As you can see in the below screenshot, these fees are amazingly low. There is absolutely no comparison to the fees of Uniswap on the Ethereum Network.

Let’s do some quick calculations to compare the fees, Fantom vs. Ethereum.

Uniswap on Ethereum(ETH/MOD)


Gas Price = 180 Gwei
Transaction Cost = 0.03043404 Ether ($54.16 USD)
Transaction Time = Confirmed within 30 secs

Anyswap on Fantom(FTM/MOD)

How much does 10 Trades Cost Ethereum vs Fantom?

10 Uniswap Trades = $265.90 USD

10 Anyswap Trades = $0.0003304784 USD

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Modefi: An Oracle Solutions Platform

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