On-Demand Oracle Technical Manual v0.1 is Released

2 min readDec 4, 2023

This is the third article in our four part “Modefi Update Series”.

Article 1: Project Evolution and Tokenomic Changes (published Nov 3)
Article 2:
Developer’s Log with Jesse Ireland, Vol 5 (published Nov 13)
Article 3: you’re reading it!
Article 4: Unveiling rebrand and updated roadmap (upcoming)

Welcome back to the third article in the update series. This short article serves as an announcement that the ODO Technical Manual has been released.

This manual is provided as an instructive and academic document for developers and advanced users. It focuses on the contracts themselves, how the front end interacts with them, and the internal mechanics of various systems within the On-Demand Oracle (ODO).

Please note, the web-based front end of the ODO automates all user interactions, including contract deployment and data provision, meaning that casual users can act as both data requesters and providers without understanding the underlying mechanics or referring to the technical manual.

The document begins by outlining the different types of users and all the ways in which they can interact with the ODO. After that, information is provided on the algorithms I’ve implemented in order to give a view ‘under the hood’ of the system.

This documentation is an important reference for projects who are building ODO integrations, and while it is not required reading for everyday users, it can provide additional insight into key systems like fee adjustments, disputes, and slashing.

During the testing phase of the On-Demand Oracle, any feedback is welcomed on both the system and the documentation. With only front end changes left to complete, we’ll be into beta phase two fairly soon.

Keep an eye out for the fourth and final article in the update series where the team will be outlining our rebranding strategy and the new roadmap!

Without further ado I would like to present the ODO Technical Manual, which can be found in our docs section via the link below





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