TrustSwap $MOD Airdrop to Be Held on the Fantom Network, Here’s Why.

What is Fantom?

Who is eligible to receive the $MOD token airdrop?

How Do I Check If I Was A Part of The Airdrop?

Why is the Modefi Airdrop on the Fantom Network?

  • $MOD and Anyswap MOD/FTM LP staking will be available on the Fantom network next week.
  • To to add as much liquidity as possible to the Fantom network to facilitate low fee trading and transactions for our community moving forward.
  • To promote usage of Fantom’s high throughput, low latency and low cost EVM compatible network.
  • The significantly reduced cost and lightning fast finality make a 1000+ address airdrop far more viable. (We feel other’s will follow in our footsteps)
  • By airdropping small quantities of $FTM along with $MOD, we can make the transition for our community relatively painless, while also giving them everything required to migrate their $MOD tokens back to the Ethereum chain if desired.
  • Modefi will have trading live on the Fantom network prior to the airdrop. This allows our users to immediately ‘test drive’ the Fantom network with minimal friction.
  • For reference, Fantom transactions are currently a fraction of a cent, while Ethereum fees are routinely reaching $50 USD or more depending on network congestion.
  • The funds saved by using Fantom vs. Ethereum for the airdrop is being used to purchase $MOD on the market. This $MOD will be used for extra staking rewards on the Fantom network.

What Would Have Been The Cost to do the Airdrop on Ethereum vs Fantom?

Transaction costs for sending $MOD to 300 wallets

What Are We Doing With The Funds We Saved From Doing The Airdrop on Fantom, Instead of Ethereum?

Can I trade, stake on Fantom?

How Do I Prepare To Stake MOD on Fantom?

How Do I Provide Liquidity on Fantom for MOD?

Costs of trading $MOD on the Fantom Network

Uniswap on Ethereum(ETH/MOD)

Anyswap on Fantom(FTM/MOD)

How much does 10 Trades Cost, Ethereum vs Fantom?



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Building the foundation for real world adoption of Oracles and DeFi