Development Progress

We have nearly finished all 19 modals for the On-Demand Oracle Beta release.

The staking & rewards dashboard has made significant progress and is near completion. Responsiveness is now well underway and with some minor tweaks it will soon be ready for launch. We feel the revamp will be easier to understand and has a much better design flow.

The Oracle Aggregator has gone through a multi-phase design update. This change is coming to a quick completion with only responsiveness and the price chart remaining.

Here are some items that have been completed / started since our last update

[On-Demand Oracle] Input validator

[All Pages] Basic responsive checkpoint

[Oracle Aggregator] Table History

[Staking & Rewards] Components integration & flow

[Staking & Rewards] MOD Staked component

[On-Demand Oracle] Event — Edit data

[All Pages] Detailed Responsive Tweaks

[On-Demand Oracle] Tooltip position and details

Marketing Development

But what about NFT’s?

This week Kucoin hosted an AMA with Ryan (CEO) and Trevor (COO) on the main Kucoin telegram group. If you missed this great AMA, Kucoin has been kind enough to add a recap to their website for all to see.

We look forward to releasing the next update, we are inching closer and closer to the release of our On-demand beta platform! We can’t even begin to express how excited we are to share it with everyone, which we still anticipate will be within this quarter.

Staking on Fantom and Matic

Once again, thank you to our community. We love the immense amount of support. If you have any suggestions or feedback please email us at

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