Update 6 – 1.233 Million Lines of Code Later

5 min readMar 1, 2022


Code Update
Modefi’s Future
Development Update
Git Comparison Activity
Completed Development Items
Items in progress

Code Update

Currently, we have several different developers pushing front-end, back-end, and contract code out from scratch every day! According to the GitHub tracker CryptoMiso, Modefi is pushing more development than some of the largest projects in the space including Solana, TrustWallet, and Chainlink — More on this below. Recently, we had Jesse (our CTO / lead dev) and our platform developers calculate all of the code they have personally written and pushed to date.

Jesse’s Code (Smart contracts)

Front-end + Back-end Dev’s Code

Officially, Jesse has pushed 1.153 million lines of code building towards the most intuitive, secure, and optimized platform possible. Yes, that’s 1,153,305 lines of code. So we decided it was time for Jesse to get a new keyboard to optimize his throughput as he was pushing his old setup so hard that keys were starting to melt. 🔥🔥

Modefi’s Future

When we told you the platform would encompass entire industries, we meant it. Long days have been spent debating topics such as design, ease-of-use, disputes, timelines, cancellations, the list goes on. Going through them with a fine-tooth comb to ensure the Oracle could capture as many use cases as we could think of, as well as more general aspects that will help future ideas flourish.

The On-demand Oracle is going to be a beast, and the foundation that is being built will ensure that Modefi is here to stay, helping projects and users get exactly what they want and need while maintaining security and decentralization on the blockchain.

We thank every one of you for your patience and trust through this entire development process. We promise it’s going to be worth the wait.

Development Update

Our Git is currently private during this initial development stage, however we want to give everyone some insight and transparency on the frequency of the work being committed to the platform.

There is a total of 9 developers working together that have made over 2500 commits to our On Demand Repository.

Total commits since starting the On Demand Oracle front end and server development
Total commits excluding merge commits

The last update we shared regarding our Git on the Official Modefi Telegram included 2477 Commits and 363 Branches. This was just 5 working days ago, and already the developers have introduced 101 new Commits and 33 Branches.

Some of you may be asking, what exactly is a commit and, why is it important when it comes to development? Commits are pushed when new features are introduced or bugs have been fixed. Think of it as a “save” point. This shows work is being done, changes and additions are being made, and things are moving forward.

Git Activity Comparison

Comparing our current activity over the last 6 months to the rest of the crypto space (as per CryptoMiso), this puts Modefi above Solana (sitting at #1) in terms of Git activity, and 2x the amount of activity as Chainlink! 🤯🤯

2,185 commits from Solana in the last 6 months
1,263 commits from Chainlink in the last 6 months

Completed Development Items

  • Addition of direct fiat on-ramp for users (lowering barrier of entry)
  • Event deployment security review
  • UI flow optimizations
  • Allowing deployed events to be visible on the validation interface
  • Implementation of decimals and fractions for data requests
  • Add descriptive feedback for error messages
  • Addition of blacklisted URL’s to prevent scams, phishing, and NSFW content
  • Updated all static contracts
  • Testing 100 of the program-generated contracts that are a representative of the set of possible Standard Oracles
  • Tested all static contracts
  • Re-design and Refactor
  • Parallelization of test-running code. Running the tests concurrently increased throughput by 8.75x, lowering testing time from ~3.5 hours to 24 mins by moving from 1 core to 15.
  • Integration of the interface between the contract builder and the dapp front end
  • Data Disputes
  • Sorting filters for Events and Validation tabs
  • Contract details page
  • Oracle Test Updates

Items in progress

  • Alpha testing from the entire Modefi team
  • Front-end Dispute UI
  • WalletConnect integration
  • User guide / tool tips
  • Dashboard front end bug testing

Important Contract Addresses

Polygon($MATIC) Network $MOD contract address

Binance Smart Chain Network $MOD contract address

Fantom Network $MOD contract address

Ethereum Network $MOD contract address

Modefi: An Oracle Solutions Platform

Modefi’s mission is to bring decentralized trustless Oracle solutions to developers and businesses. Using multi-chain solutions Modefi is building interoperability that will drive adoption and true power to the blockchain ecosystem.

Website: https://modefi.io

Docs: https://docs.modefi.io

Telegram: https://t.me/modefi_official

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Modefi_Official




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