Bridging $MOD from Fantom to Ethereum

4 min readMar 19, 2021

To read more about why Modefi chose Fantom as a secondary network, please read this article.

If you are looking to transfer $MOD from the Ethereum Network to the Fantom Network, please follow the article linked here.

Moving your $MOD tokens from the Fantom Network to the Main Ethereum Network is simple and fast. Please note you should have a balance of at least 0.001 FTM in your wallet before proceeding. If you have any issues or concerns please join the Modefi telegram group for assistance.

Step 1: Visit to add the Fantom Opera Network to Metamask

Connect your wallet to the Chainlist dapp (top right corner)

Once connected search “Fantom” and select “Add to Metamask”

Your Metamask will prompt to “Allow this site to add a network?”. Select “Approve”, then “Switch Network”.

You are now successfully connected to the Fantom Opera Network and you will see “Fantom Opera” in your networks dropdown within Metamask. Congratulations on connecting to one of the fastest and inexpensive EVM compatible networks.

Step 2: Visit

Step 3: Connect Metamask to

Click Connect Wallet on the top right corner

Select the check box next to the wallet containing your $MOD tokens. Click “Next”, then “Connect”.

Step 4: Select token to bridge

In this case we are bridging $MOD from Fantom Opera to the Ethereum. So we will click on the icon in the “From” box

Then in the search box type MOD and select “MOD on FTM Mainnet”

Step 5: Transfering the $MOD token to the Ethereum Network

Enter the total amount of $MOD tokens you would like to send to the Ethereum Network.

*Please note there is a 0.1% fee during this bridging process. Min fee amount of 6 MOD and Max fee amount of 60 MOD.

You’re almost there!

Select the “Transfer” button and a Metamask window should appear

Adjust the “Gas Price” to anywhere between 1–22 gwei. (1 gwei works in most cases)

Click “Confirm”. Once confirmed there will be a confirmation popup showing the status of your transfer.

Once complete you will see a link to both the Fantom and Ethereum Network TX’s. You can click on either to see the details.

Step 6: Witnessing the power of the Fantom Network and it’s low transaction costs

You can see the details of each side of the swap process. Here the total transaction cost on the Fantom Network side was 0.000039862 FTM (approx. $0.000015 @ $0.38 / FTM)

So how many transactions can we complete for just 1 USD worth of FTM??

$1 / $0.00001514 per tx = 66,050

You can complete roughly 66k Transactions on Fantom’s Opera Network for $1 USD of FTM!!

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